Refund Policy

No refunds after January 21, 2024.* Prior to that date you can received full refund if you email with your request.

*Note: For this conference, there is an illness policy in place so no person who is sick will be allowed to attend. After January 21st, a $280 refund will be given for Ascension Conference ticket, and a $165 refund will be given for your first ray purchased, additional rays purchased will receive a full refund of $180 per ray. You must notify us at admin@2012portal.even prior to start of event; no refunds given once workshop or conference has started. No refunds given for lunch ticket(s) purchased.

Important! For EACH Ray Initiation and/or Lunch Buffet purchased, it is VERY IMPORTANT to provide correct name and email of person that will use that ticket! Name/email provided on form for each ticket MUST match name/email of person who will use that ticket (regardless of which attendee number is listed on form). Failure to do this correctly may result in possible nonrefundable forfeit of any ticket where name/email listed on form for that ticket does not match name/email of person who will be using the ticket at the time of the event.

Force Majeure: If event is cancelled due to acts of God, war, military operation, national emergency, natural disaster, pandemic, strike, civil disorder, sabotage, terrorism, or the order, request or recommendation of any governmental agency, or any circumstance beyond the parties’ control related to any of the aforementioned conditions, making it illegal or impossible to hold the event contemplated herein, all monies received will be refunded to purchaser.

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