Ray Initiations: Phoenix, Arizona, USA 2024

Ray Initiations

Feb 2nd, 2024 Phoenix, Arizona, USA

We are excited to announce that COBRA will be offering a Ray Initiations Workshop one day before the conference on Friday, February 2, (starting at 10 am) in the same location as the conference!

There are 13 healing rays in total, of which are 7 Stellar rays and 6 are Ascended Master rays. Stellar rays connect us with the energy of a particular star system, whereas Ascended Master rays connect us with the energies of a particular ascended being (see detailed description of each ray below).

You may purchase up to three Ray Initiations in Level 1 and up to three Ray Initiations in Level 2, for a maximum of 6 rays per person. You must have already received Level 1 of a ray (and practiced it for 3 months) before you can receive Level 2.

Ray Initiations (Level 1 & 2) are $180 USD each (price includes a 1-day facility entrance fee).  You may purchase additional rays until the day of the workshop (or as long as space remains available).


*NOTE: For EACH Ray Initiation purchased, during checkout it is VERY IMPORTANT to provide correct name and email of person who will use that ticket! Name/email provided on form for each ticket MUST MATCH name/email of person who will use that ticket (regardless of which attendee number is listed on form). Failure to do this correctly may result in possible nonrefundable forfeit of any ticket where name/email listed on form for that ticket does not match name/email of person who will be using the ticket at the time of the event (see Refund Policy).

These healing rays were given to the surface population by Archangel Metatron with the purpose of assisting humanity to prepare for the planetary transformation that is awaiting us. Now humanity is ready to receive heightened stellar energies that will accelerate our evolution.


These energies help activate our etheric DNA, accelerate our Merkaba light body activation, remove energy blocks, karmic records, dysfunctional patterns and belief systems, and bring us closer to love, light and joy that is the true nature of our being. This healing system is compatible with other healing systems such as Reiki or Gaia Eternal Light and actually improves their efficiency.


No, you can’t. There is a minimum period of 3 months practice required after receiving Level 1 before you can receive Level 2 of that ray.


There is a maximum limit of 6 Ray Initiations that can be received in any one day, 3 rays per level. Your first ray (Level 1 or 2) must be purchased by January 28, 2024, additional rays after that first one may be purchased up until the day of the workshop.


List of Rays

Here is a description of each healing ray available for initiation:




PLEIADES: Manifests harmonious soulmate love relationships in our life, heals broken heart and all wounds related to self-love


SIRIUS: Brings joy and happiness in our life, erases karma through forgiveness and self-forgiveness


ORION: Helps us integrating shadow aspects of our subconsciousness, transforms fear, hatred and resentments


CENTRAL SUN: Brings us closer to our purpose and divine destiny, guides us towards the mission we were incarnated for, strengthens our free will


ANDROMEDA: Guides us towards mastery of the physical plane and towards abundance, assists us in the manifestation process


ANTARES/ALDEBARAN: Elevates our consciousness from our personality towards our soul, erases traumatic records from this or past lives


LYRA: Encourages creativity, awakens sleeping abilities, talents and potentials




SANANDA: Presence of this Master connects us with unconditional Love


KUTHUMI: This Master brings us wisdom, understanding and harmony


ASHTAR: This cosmic Being accelerates our path towards Ascension


SAINT GERMAIN: This Master assists us in manifestation process and in inner transformation


SERAPHIS BEY: This great Being connects us with Angelic and Devic evolution


DJWAL KHUL: This Master assists in all healing and self-healing processes



For a full list of all the Rays and Events tickets please see our shop. 

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